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3 Movies That Could Break Avatar’s Box Office Record

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Gone is George Lucas and in his place is the hyper-talented director J.J. Abrams. That’s especially promising as Abrams has not only resurrected theStar Trekfranchise, but was also the executive producer ofLostamong many other successful movies and TV shows. Add up one of the best directors around working on his dream project with a franchise with near limitless potential, and the odds increase dramatically that the nextStar Warscould get the kind of buzz and word of mouth that sends it to a long box office run, which could challenge Avatar. The Avengers: Age of Ultron The Avengerssequel gets a nod over the upcomingBatman vs. Supermanas the comic-book-based movie most likely to challengeAvatar. Why is The Avengers 2 on the list? First, the first movie did very well, bringing in $623 million domestically and over $1.5 billion globally at the box office. Both those totals bestThe Dark Knight Rises’box office, which was just shy of $450 million domestically and $1.1 billion globally.The Avengers 2 will also benefit from the continuing popularity of not just the first film, but surrounding Marvel properties.Iron Man 3brought in more than $1.2 billion this summer,an enormous jump from the $623 million Iron Man 2 brought in across the globe. It’ll be a challenge besting the first Avengers’ huge box office haul, but we have seen comic book movies grow as series progressed — look no further than the comparison betweenIron Man 2andIron Man 3above. Overall,The Avengers: Age of Ultronmight have a better shot at the domestic crown, where it finished with about 80% ofAvatar’sbox office. Internationally, it earned less than half ofAvatar’stotal. Avatar 2 It might not be the most original pick among movies that could best the firstAvatar’sbox office record, but it’s the most likely. Still, even with sequels routinely besting the box office haul of the original film in recent years,Avatar 2beating the original’s box office is far from a slam dunk. One of the key areas of success forAvatarwas its inclusion of 3D. It was a film built around its use of gorgeous visuals and ground-breaking 3D landscapes, the spectacle of which brought moviegoers flocking to cineplexes. With years of advances in CGI and 3D now expected for major films,Avatar 2won’t feel nearly as unique as the original. Also, the first film felt like a complete story.

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