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Britney Spears’ “work Bitch” Director Defends Whips: “wagging Her Finger…was Not As Cool”

Back to Work B***h! Glowing Britney Spears puts her game face on for rare appearance in London to promote new single

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Spears donned a pair of tight leather pants and some high-top sneakers on Oct. 14 when she stopped for lunch at Hakkasan restaurant. The pop superstar was later spotted in a leather miniskirt , which showed her toned legs , as she headed for an interview with Capital FM Radio. The 31-year-old, whose blond hair was styled both straight and curled, was photographed entering and exiting chauffeured cars as she bopped around town. She seems excited to be back in the British capital after the release of her latest single, “Work B**ch.” Landed in the UK & in my hotel 🙂 I’ve missed u London xo Britney Spears (@britneyspears) October 13, 2013 Her album is set to drop on Dec. 3 and will.i.am says fans should expect the best. ” Britney’s record is fresh. There’s a lot of personal, sultry songs, as well as grit and edge and oomph,” he told E! News last week. “I can’t wait for her Vegas shows to open. I want to go there and support, perform with her. This record, in my opinion, is going to be one of her best records.” Related on HuffPost:

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While her current full PR schedule has yet to be revealed, she will definitely be appearing on this weekend’s Chatty Man show with Alan Carr. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO Miley who? Britney cracks a big smile as she enters the Capital FM Radio studios in London to promote her new album Working it! Britney Spears wore a suitably business-like all black ensemble for her first day of UK PR duties Last week Brit tweeted that she was ‘so excited to come visit London’ and that she was ‘looking forward to seeing a few of my favourite peeps’. In London and loving it! A glam and gorgeous Britney couldn’t wipe the smile off her face thanks to finally being back in London after a two year break Britney had another reason to feel pleased to be back on British soil though. The new Miley Cyrus album, Bangerz, which features a duet with Britney called SMS (Bangerz), debuted at number one on the charts yesterday, a good omen for Britney’s upcoming solo release. She told fans her eighth album will be a very special CD, tweeting: ‘This next record is going to be the most personal record I’ve EVER made.which means that I need my #BArmy to be a part of it!!’ Britney was filmed recording her vocals for the SMS (Bangerz) duet in Miley’s recent TV documentary. The pair can be seen chatting in a recording studio, where Miley confessed to once being an eight-year-old fan who looked up to Britney.. Working mom! Last week in LA a not-so-glam Britney snuck out of rehearsals for her upcoming Las Vegas shows to hit Starbucks, hoping to fend off the munchies Working the street style! Britney later switched up her London look in leather pants and black mini-dress teamed with white, black and gold striped hi-tops These boots are made for working! Britney steps it up in totally awesome lace-up trainers with an edge at London’s Hakkasan restaurant Black and gold! Britney teamed her all black lunching outfit with a subtle but eye-catching gold necklace and chunky Roman-style bracelet In the meantime there’s plenty to be done to get Britney’s racy ‘Work B****h’ single to the top of the British charts when it finally gets a release on November 2, some two months after it has been released worldwide.

Burning Question: Is Britney Spears the Only Star Who’s Been Put on a Digital Diet?

“For me most video shoots are highly stressful simply because there is never enough time to film all of my ideas so the last thing I am looking forward to are ‘bloopers’,” he explains. “Unlike on a movie or a television show ‘bloopers’ on video shoots are never that funny.” But that doesn’t mean that there weren’t any surprise moments during the filming process. “Every shoot has unexpected moments that you just can’t control or predict,” he shares. “One that comes to mind was how hard it was for us to get Britney’s flowing white fabric when she was on top of the inverted pyramid in the desert to open up and catch the wind like it did, we got it to work in the end but in hindsight it shouldn’t have been that hard. Even though the scene only lasts a few seconds in the video it had to look dramatic.” VIDEO: 7 more of Britney Spears’ sexy music videos YouTube Safe to say it was a job well done! But what about the sexy scenes where Spears is whipping a woman? “Britney does not ‘randomly’ whip anyone,” he clarifies. “We wanted a fierce way of communicating the idea of Britney telling someone to get to ‘Work Bitch’ and wagging her finger at them was not as cool.” Makes sense. And Mor also opens up about the “hidden messages” in the video: “Something maybe more hidden is the License Plate of the Lamborghini which reads BB72,” he shares. “The BB is of course Britney Bitch and the 72 is my birth year (i’m old…ish), couldn’t resist.” ABC/Ronda Churchill Too cute! As for BritBrit’s favorite itty-bitty outfit from the shoot? “If I had to guess I think she really loved the gold metallic two piece that she wore against the white wall with the dancers as well as when she was lit up by the Lamborghini lights in the same outfit with the added ‘capelet,'” he reveals. “Pretty sure she also loved the yellow bustier and pants outfit during the Vegas Penthouse dance sequence,” says, adding that the “interior dancing sequence in the Vegas Penthouse” and the scene where she’s “up against the white wall and lit by the headlights of the Lamborghini” were some of her favorites.

But the tricks don’t end with her, or her slimmed-down bod in “Work B—h.” The digital enhancement of stars is a huge, huge part of the entertainment business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a movie, a music video, even a weekly TV show. If you’re looking at a celebrity moving around on a screen particularly if that footage is expensive, like, say, a big-budget movie or slick video chances are high that the star has had digital work done. Think waist. Thighs. Arms. Thigh jiggle. Nose, in at least one case. Wrinkles. How do I know all this? Well, finding out wasn’t easy. It took me about a month to even find a digital retoucher willing to talk to me about how he works. In Hollywood, the clandestine art of beauty work is so hush-hush, no one wants to talk about it.

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