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Rdio Is The Best Streaming Music Service

rdio online music

By Associated Press, Linda Thompson, Wont Be Long Now (Pettifer Sounds) Linda Thompson briefly plays the role of proud parent on her new album, happily slipping into the background while her children sing Anna McGarrigles As Fast As My Feet. Looking for things to do? Select one or more criteria to search Kid-friendly Get ideas Its a rousing rendition and a rare moment of peppy pop on Wont Be Long Now. With Thompson front and center, doom and gloom dominates the rest of the record no surprise to longtime fans of Thompson and her ex-husband, Richard. She sings of war, fear, domestic abuse, loneliness and death, and like the gray sky on the cover, theres a bleak beauty to the music. Thompsons bracing, unvarnished alto remains a wonder despite her history of career-curtailing voice trouble. She chooses her material wisely, mixing traditional British and Irish folk with songs she wrote that have the same timeless feel. The family provides plenty of help. Daughter Kami takes the lead on As Fast As My Feet, and son Teddy contributes as a composer on four songs, including the wry title cut. Even Richard lends a hand, with his acoustic guitar the only backing instrument on the lovely opener Loves for Babies and Fools. It sounds like something they might have performed together 40 years ago again, timeless. Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Music ‘not just a hobby’ for Brooklyn-based artist Frankie Rose

Frankie Rose is slated to open for Franz Ferdinand at the Newport Music Hall Oct. 16.  Credit: Courtes of Sebastian Mlynarski

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) Rdio isn’t the streaming music service with the most users or features. But unless you’re a serious music nerd, Rdio is the most usable option. For vast amount of music fans, Rdio has the best design and functionality, making it CNNMoney’s Best In Tech for the streaming music category. If you’ve never used a streaming music subscription service like Rdio or Spotify , understand that it’s not Pandora ( P ). You don’t pick a song or artist and then let the service build a randomly-generated playlist for you. Instead, for $10 a month, you have unfettered access to an online jukebox with tens of millions of songs. What really separates Rdio from the competition is its social backbone. You can follow friends, strangers, musicians, businesses, etc. and get a sense of what they’re listening to. Rdio will also recommend songs and artists for you to check out based on your friends’ interests. That may not seem like a big deal, but when you’re not quite sure what to listen to, this feature is one of the best in helping you figure it out. Another standout Rdio feature is the ability to build an online library full of “your” tracks.

Photo: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire Tourists attending concerts and music festivals are boosting the UK economy to the tune of 2.2 billion (2.5 billion) a year. Music tourism is providing a massive boost to the UK, including at least 24,000 jobs each year, a report from VisitBritain showed. Direct spending by UK and overseas music tourists, including buying tickets and paying for transport and accommodation, was worth 1.3 billion last year. Further indirect music tourism spending additional spending along the supply chain generated by music tourists added a further 914 million, making a total of 2.2 billion. VisitBritain said the average live music audience was comprised of 41 per cent music tourists, with these tourists from overseas spending, on average, 910 while attending festivals and 602 while attending concerts. Domestic music tourists spent, on average, 396 while attending festivals and 87 during concerts. The report also said that overseas tourists accounted for six per cent of music tourism visits but a huge 20 per cent of music tourism spending, with London attracting 1.8 million music tourists. This report confirms that the UKs music scene has significant international appeal VisitBritain chief executive Sandie Dawe said: This report confirms that the UKs music scene has significant international appeal and that music tourists spend lots of money and travel across the whole of Britain. This will act as a catalyst for us all to ramp up our activity and forge better relationships with festival organisers, promoters, venues and producers to raise awareness of our amazing music scene across the world. Treasure trove of gemstones Dench hopes Bond fans go to theatre Advert Comments are submitted under the express understanding and condition that the editor may, and is authorised to, disclose any/all of the above personal information to any person or entity requesting the information for the purposes of legal action on grounds that such person or entity is aggrieved by any comment so submitted. At this time your comment will not be displayed immediately upon posting. Please allow some time for your comment to be moderated before it is displayed.

Music tourism in UK generates £2.2bn

Crowd members at the Glastonbury 2013 Festival in Somerset. Photo: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

To this Brooklyn-based musician, her songs transcend a specific genre mold that others might give her. Ive been called so many things, Rose said. I can tell you what I dont think it is. I dont think it is garage rock. Somehow, along the way, I gained the reputation of being a garage rock songstress that I dont believe is true. Nor is it lo-fi. Its actually the exact opposite. I just let people do what they want to make of it. Its not my job to put it in a box. Rose has been in New York for eight years working in the service industry and performing in several bands like Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls and Crystal Stilts. She said her career has always just sputtered along, but she is now touring with English indie rock band Franz Ferdinand. The two acts are slated to perform at Newport Music Hall Wednesday, with the doors opening at 7 p.m.

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